Hi-Tech e Soft, incorporated in the year 1999, has created a niche in the field of Engineering Solutions ranging from Product Design Services, Value added Engineering Application development, Process Automation and Optimization solutions and After Sales Information Management Solutions. We are working Day in Day out on creative ideas which can be transformed into intelligent solutions for your research work, product development, practical shop floor problems & After Sales & Service. Since inception we have registered multiple copyrights for cutting edge software products. These software products use latest technologies to capture engineering information on very lightweight files and populate them on Internet Portals for quick information dissemination. The entire matrix of information that is created is dynamically linked to the underlying Knowledgebase generated from the data gathered from Internal Stakeholders like R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics as well as the Field Data generated by the Extended Enterprise thus creating a truly connected and networked Customer Centric Enterprise

Leading the world in “Integrated Engineering” & “Knowledge Driven” solutions.

Leading customers to success through innovative end to end solutions, focusing on:

  • Domain expertise
  • Minimizing time to market
  • Enhancing productivity & quality
  • Nurturing creative & committed people

To achieve the vision and pilot the mission, we will be leveraging our strengths, including:

The Leadership Team
The Group Companies