After Sales and Service plays the most vital role in a Product's entire Lifecycle. After Sales business processes Create USP's Ensuring Product Sale, Ensures Customer Delight leading to repeat Customers and Feeds New Product Development with Field Feedback Data. All this while Maintaining a Sustained multiyear Revenue Stream with Higher Margins and Enhanced Bottom-line. Our Integrated “Dealer Information System” ensures that the After Sales and Service Processes, Product Information and Technical Information are managed with Maximum Efficiency. A truly Optimized Customer Service Business System to assist Spares & Service Professionals, Product Managers, Research and Development Professionals, & Technical Documentation Professionals.

DIS: Our unique approach to Dealer Enablement Systems beyond Dealer Management

Information infused: Wherever it is felt that information is required by any user of the DIS to make a decision, it is made available

Integrated: Integration not only within the DIS but beyond it, with the ERP, CRM, PLM or Legacy systems

img3Modular: The Hi-Tech’s DIS is broken into smaller modules, such that the functionalities can be implemented in a phase-wise manner as per the organisation needs

Accommodative: The robust modularity in its design, makes it accommodative to existing systems, such that if the client organisation has a system they prefer to keep, it will be integrated rather than being replaced

Predictive: Most of the repeated decisions taken on fixed inputs are taught to the system


Some Key Benefits realized by our Customer have been

  • Improved Customer Responsiveness and Customer Satisfaction
  • Proactive Dealership engagements
  • Enhanced Dealer Technical Knowhow
  • Increased SME productivity
  • Overall Customer Engagement
  • Field Data capture and accelerated Product Improvement processes
  • Advance Inventory Management
  • Improved Sales Forecasting
  • Effective Supply Chain Management
  • Enhance dealer satisfaction levels by providing them a convenient self service portal
  • Enhancing dealer operational efficiency by providing them systems to streamline and automate their business processes.

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