Our Electronics Manuals content is created in an interactive and user friendly fashion with an objective to Maximize Content Utilization. Our range of services include

tech_pub Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals: (IETM) is a technical manual (e.g. maintenance, user, training, operations, etc) prepared or "authored" in digital form on a suitable medium, by means of an automated authoring system, designed for electronic screen display to an end-user.

Our IETM’s possess the following characteristics:

1. The format and style of the presented information are optimised for screen presentation to ensure maximum comprehension; that is, the presentation format is frame-oriented and not page-oriented.

2. The elements of technical information constituting the technical manual are so interrelated that a user's access to the required information is facilitated to the greatest possible extent and is achievable through a variety of paths.

3. Display devices, including computers and laptops, can function interactively (as a result of user requests and information input) in providing procedural guidance, navigation directions and supplemental information.

4. Screen presentations can include material derived from data stored in textual, graphical, audio, or video form in a relational data base which is composed of logically connected, bud randomly accessible IETM data elements.

XML AUTHORING: XML-based authoring is an intelligent way of creating consistent, structured content that can be re-used across multiple documents and formats. It is "presentation neutral" allowing authors to focus on the content, not the format

3D Animated Manuals and Presentations: Content is powered with 3D animations explaining Step by Step assembly and dismantling sequence with Voice-over’s bringing utmost clarity to the content with additional benefits like

  • Reduced user man-hours time
  • Provides a Virtual learning environment for training of employees & service engineers
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Enhance knowledge retention for learners